Gas & Chemical Delivery

Using state-of-the-art testing equipment and protocols, expert technicians ensure our customers’ systems always meet their stringent performance requirements.

Through our superior technical expertise in design and manufacturing, our chemical and gas delivery systems are the realization of Gordon Moore’s prediction about ever-shrinking transistors. Our turnkey systems permit the precise delivery, management and control of specialty gasses and chemicals in semiconductor and flat panel applications.

Gas Delivery

We are the semiconductor industry’s one-stop solution for gas delivery solutions, from initial design to final shipment to your customers. We provide precise delivery, management and control of specialty gasses and chemicals in flat panel and solar applications.

As the industry’s first turnkey gas delivery system manufacturer, we are a leader in enabling outsourcing strategies and experts in meeting the requirements of the highly configurable nature of wafer manufacturing equipment.

Chemical & Gas Delivery

In addition, we are a global leader in ultra-high purity (UHP) orbital and hand welding. Our rigorously trained and certified welding professionals apply the latest techniques and technologies to ensure perfect welds every time. Our broad range of capabilities includes small to large diameter fabrication, orbital welding, manual welding and precision tube bending. By combining robotics welding with hand craftsmanship, we have transformed the art of high-purity and orbital welding into a robust manufacturing science.

With final assembly in our class 100 and 1000 cleanrooms and state-of-the-art inspection methods, our expert technicians ensure our customers’ gas delivery systems meet the stringent cleanliness requirements that today’s leading-edge processes require.

To support the high precision, complex films used in leading-edge semiconductors, the process tool’s gas delivery systems are complicated, highly configurable subsystems. Delivering reliable, repeatable on-wafer performance is dependent on understanding not only the manufacturing steps to product a gas panel, but the broad performance requirements of the assembly and its seamless integration to the tool and the process chamber

Operation:   Flow rates, response timing, gas mixing
Design: Layout, distribution, routing
Components:   Valves, fittings, weldments, heaters

With production facilities in multiple geographic regions, UCT can support your manufacturing requirements worldwide.

Effective fab operation requires a broad gas distribution infrastructure to support the robust and reliable delivery of process chemicals to the process tools and safely and effectively transport chamber by-products through the neutralization and abatement processes. Whether it is a valve manifold, a gas cabinet, an interface plate, an abatement system, a gas leak detection or interconnecting weldments, UCT’s extensive experience in gas delivery and distribution can provide an effective solution.

Chemical Delivery

Production of plastic chemical delivery systems has been the focus of our Liberec, CZ and Cambridge, UK sites for more than two decades. Repeatedly, we have reliably delivered liquid chemicals and precursors while precisely meeting all fab and equipment requirements. Using state-of-the-art production methods, our expert welders fabricate the small subsystems, large all-plastic cabinets and exhaust ducting our customers need.

Our welding professionals routinely work with all forms of plastics, including PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PFA and other FM 4910-approved materials. We ensure the integrity of chemical delivery systems by utilizing leading-edge capabilities, including infrared and hot gas welding. Our welding process is certified with CSN 05 0705 (050705). The weldments are leak tested using helium pressure and electrical permeability tests (spark tests). Fabricated parts are subject to digital 3D measurement inspection to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Weldments are integrated by our highly skilled manufacturing team with necessary high-purity PFA pipe tubing and precision PFA tube bending. To deliver chemical delivery system modules and subsystems in clean and ready to install condition, the final integration is performed in our class 10,000/ISO 7 cleanroom.